All participants in programs that are offered by Football Manitoba, or it’s member Leagues and Clubs, are required to have a current annual membership. Your annual membership consists of membership with Football Canada, Football Manitoba, and insurance for the calendar year.

SANCTIONS – 3rd parties (non-members)
When considering participation in any football activity or program be sure that it is sanctioned by Football Manitoba. An event that is sanctioned assures all participants that the organization and programming meets all requirements to offer sport injury insurance to participants.  To be sanctioned, all programs must meet all of the following:

      • Coaches are certified and have the required NCCP training appropriate for the program being offered
      • Coaches and other adult organizers have been cleared through a recent background check
      • All planned activities presented to Football Manitoba are deemed to be age-appropriate for the age of participants
      • Safety measures will be followed according to Football Canada’s Safe Contact guidelines
      • All program leaders have current Respect in Sport certification
      • The organizers are members in good standing (as a member or through their sanction)


        If you are considering participating in a program outside of our member leagues, clubs or school programs contact the Football Manitoba office
        to determine whether it has been sanctioned.


        Injuries of any kind sustained during a non-sanctioned event or camp are not covered by the Football Manitoba sport injury insurance.


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